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Michael Strauss
How GDS and CRS work. Value Creation in Travel Distribution.

Travel Technology for Dummies

My Book "Value Creation in Travel Distribution" provides an insight in travel distribution technology and is the only publication which explains travel technology such as Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and Central Reservation Systems (CRS) along with Onlinge Booking Tools (OBT), Self Booking Tools (SBT), Agent Desktops, and mobile Booking Applications for people without a 20 year background of travel. It looks at Suppliers (Airlines, Car Rentals, Hotels), Distributors (GDS, NDC, etc.) and Sales (Travel Management Companies for business travel and Agencies for leisure travel).

Interesting facts about technology in travel. Travel Industry Blog.

Trends in Travel Technolgy

In my blog you will find how CRS or GDS work as well as how developments in other industries may affect the travel industry. Have you ever wondered why Uber become so successful or how money flows around between the travel value chain? The blog also covers new business models and shines light into hidden commission models. What about Safe Harbor / Privacy Shield, ancillary revenues, or NDC. Learn about trends which affect travel such as XML in 2000, graphical UI in 2007, or mobile with the introduction of the iPhone? But today - forget about mobile apps - go right to BOTs?

Expert in Travel Technology

CEO PASS Consulting Corp. & Head of Business Unit Travel worldwide at PASS Consulting Group.

Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area - Information Technology and Consulting Services - Travel Technology such as Online Booking Tools (Self Booking Tools), Multi-GDS APIs.


Dipl.-Ing. (Masters), Engineering and Information Technology at Technische Universität München.


Michael also has his own Blog and wrote a book which provides a perfect introduction to the travel technology

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