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Background information about PASS Consulting:


In the following I will explain my work at my employer since the year 2000.

PASS's OBT Framework

There is a lot of information on PASS's webpage. The flagship product is the individual Online Booking Tool (OBT), which is a tailor made solution based on PASS's Travel Framework with a sophisticated rules engine incorporated that allows to almost do everything without code changes. Please compare the success story with one of my clients - a large, global financial institution. Even though I cannot name the client, I can facilitate reference calls upon request. This OBT was also featured in an article on TheCompanyDime (reprinted with permission here). Our approach is maximum flexibility – meaning you can pick and choose at least 80% and the remaining percentage is quickly developed: Sources, fare displays, configurations, rules, look & feel, design, display, combinations, etc. Once in production if you ever face a challenge, it is not a question of “if” it can be solved or “somewhere in the future”, but rather how it is solved (DIY, configuration, rules, SOA, etc.) and when (immediately or next release).

Why I supported creating a Corporate OBT:

At PASS, we have started in 2003 with graphical Agent Desktops. We realized soon afterwards that a one-size fits all approach does not work as we had several leading TMCs as our clients (as well as Emirates Airlines which is still in operation in its 1st version today) but each of them needed a different setup. In 2008 we redeveloped everything using a frame work rather than a fixed solution and used 100% Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). It was 2009/2010  when we realized that agents still loved their green screen and we shifted gears to develop a custom made OBT using the same framework as the Agent Desktop. Finally in the beginning of 2014 we have been so successful that we replaced Concur Cliqbook at a large financial institution globally. So what I’m trying to say with this story is that we have a lot of experience plus have a well-established and grown product based on newest technology, which has no problem to replace the leading OBT in the blink of an eye.

USPs: Savings & Flexibility

At PASS we have replaced the leading OBT at a large financial institution. Our online adoption rate is higher than with Concur in all regions (e.g. US: 88%, EMEA: 77%). Our customer achieve significant savings due to lower fees of the booking tool, higher adoption & better utilization of corporate contracts. Thanks to its integrated and flexible rules engine, any market need or feature can easily be integrated (Time-to-market) – in most cases by the client itself. We do not write lines of code anymore, we model software based on re-useable components. The framework is completely SOA and represents features rather than GUI elements – this is how we can provide a tailor-made solution at a lower price than standard software. We do not carry around a 15+ year old platform and do not produce a product built for the masses. The same platform powers the OBT, Agent Desktop or a mobile interface (scheduled for release in 2016) – this means any kind of change only needs to be made once. We concentrate on technology to provide individuals the best option base on their preferences in combination with the interests of the company – prior to costs incurred. The actual user interface (the look&feel) is a layer as thin as it could be and is adjustable to any kind of needs. The look&feel we happily leave to the designers – our concern is a stable, flexible and functional technology behind the user interface. 

Saving Potential for Corporations

While rates, fares and most fees are fixed, corporations can still save quite some significant money when it comes to distribution charges. As an example we provided a spreadsheet with some example numbers to use as a starting point to calculate your individual saving potential.

NDC (e.g. Lufthansa)

From a technology perspective the New Distribution Capability (NDC) formulated by IATA resolution 787 can be supported and made available in the OBT, Agent Desktop and XML level subject to 3rd party distribution agreements. 

Recap of PASS's two main areas of expertise in my Business Unit Travel

  1. Travel Backend: Leading multi-source connector to connect any kind of source to our future proof XML which is becoming a world standard as it is being introduced by IATA as NDC:
  2. Travel Framework to custom build any kind of Travel-GUI – e.g. our Corporate Online Booking Tool which replaced Concur Cliqbook at a large, global financial institution.

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